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Are you prepared for retirement? With longer life expectancy, rising healthcare costs, and the possibility of Social Security insolvency the pressure to prepare is mounting. To help you navigate the process, here’s an overview of the key factors you should consider when planning for retirement. We’ll also reveal some little-known facts that can help you plan for a successful retirement.

Whether you are just starting your retirement planning journey or looking to make adjustments to your existing plan, we encourage you to speak with a qualified financial advisor who can provide professional guidance tailored to your unique circumstances.

Tip 1: Set Realistic Goals

One of the most critical aspects of retirement planning is setting clear  and realistic goals and objectives. These need to align with your lifestyle and allow you to enjoy retirement. If you under-save and over-restrict you’re setting yourself up for failure.

For example, if you value spending time with family and friends, your retirement goals may include taking a family vacation every year or having regular get togethers. Similarly, if you prioritize your health and wellness, your retirement goals may going on hiking adventures or learning to surf.

Tip 2: Prepare for Taxes

Tax planning is a crucial aspect of retirement planning. By minimizing taxes in retirement, you can maximize the amount of money you have saved to support your lifestyle and achieve your retirement goals.

For example, one tip for minimizing taxes in retirement is to manage your withdrawals from tax-advantaged retirement accounts carefully. By strategically timing your withdrawals, you can avoid triggering unnecessary taxes and penalties. It’s also important to consider the impact of taxes on other sources of retirement income, such as Social Security benefits.